Zinn Sports Group serves as a perfect conduit between technology vendors and sports organizations. As life-long sports junkies, ZSG team members have spent their professional careers exclusively working in sports media and technology. Decades of experiences have included supervisory roles in project management, product development, content creation, personnel management and more. ZSG executives have regularly served in cross-functional roles, gaining deep familiarity with numerous aspects of the sports business and developing a broad understanding of supporting teams and leagues as well as digital, broadcast and social media platforms. This background makes ZSG a fantastic consulting resource, whether it be providing an introduction to a potential partner, advising on a product, explaining the nuances of a sport or serving as a face and voice for your organization. These areas of expertise make ZSG ideal for your sports consulting needs…

  • Broad knowledge of sports, including MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, International Soccer, College Football and Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, Auto Racing
  • Intricate experience with advanced technology such as player- and ball- tracking systems
  • Broadcast production
  • Strong corporate connections in sports media and technology
  • Presentation development and delivery
  • Personable and insightful communication with clients
  • Content development, creation and advisement
  • Brand-building and growth